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Name:Alex Hunter
Birthdate:Feb 11
Website:'mun and muse are both over 18'

Alex Hunter is a high-end fence that deals mostly in Eastern European antiquities. She has only been arrested once, in France. The charges were mysteriously dropped. It is rumored that she has very powerful friends. Alex's grandfather is Gerhard Wagner. Wagner was the German who received the SOS signal from the u-boat carrying the stolen Nazi art. He encoded the information about the fractal antennae into the music box intending to build it once he arrived in America, but the music box got lost.

Alex Hunter and Neal Caffrey have a long and checkered past. They dated briefly before Neal hooked up with Kate. She is indirectly involved with Neal's break up with Kate. Neal tried to "con" Kate into going to Europe to help Alex steal the music box. Kate caught on, became upset and disappeared. Alex was injured while trying to help Neal steal the music box, still having the scar she received from their botched attempt. Neal never visited Alex in the hospital and she never visited him in prison. They never had 'that' type of relationship.

When Alex finds out that someone is looking for her, she goes to Mozzie for help. While Neal and Peter help her to disappear, she still doesn't trust either of them completely. And it breaks her heart she can't trust Neal. Alex tells Neal she has a target on her back, so Neal suggests she steals the music box from Diana's apartment safe and return it to the Russian Museum. Alex does and is almost caught, but manages to escape at the last minute.

Alex disappears again, but this time she gives Neal her number. She tells Neal that she didn't want the box to mean good-bye for them. Alex never trusted Kate. And while she will never admit it, she always wanted Neal for herself. Now that he's with the feds, she doubts she can ever have him the way she wanted him.

I am not Alex Hunter or Gloria Votsis. This is for RP only. Mun and Muse are BOTH over 18.
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